Sunday, 2 July 2017

Restore your beauty with Face and Neck Lipo suction

    Liposuction commonly known as Lipo is one of the most common type of cosmetic surgery which reshapes specific areas of the body by removing excess fat. Liposuction of face and neck is known as Cervicofacial Liposuction.

The procedure

   Tumescent Liposuction is the most common and safest liposuction procedure for the face and neck. A cervicofacial Liposuction is performed under local anesthesia, which means the patient will be awake but will not feel any pain or discomfort. The following are the steps of the procedure:

  • At first, doctor will make a very small incision underneath the chin and behind the earlobe
  • After that the doctor will insert a micro-cannula through these incisions
  • Then by a vaccum aspiration the fat will be taken out through the cannula
  • Finally, the doctor will carefully close the incisions by making sure that there is no visible scars.

Ideal Candidates for Face and Neck Liposuction

    Not all patients are ideal for cervicofacial liposuction, ideals candidates for face and neck liposuction are:
  • Patients with persistent submental baby fat
  • patients with tangible cosmetic deformity
  • Patients with diet resistant cervicofacial fat deposits
  • Also patients who want to look younger by reversing the effects of aging can also undergo a cervicofacial liposuction.

Advantages of Face and Neck Liposuction

    The main advantages of face and neck liposuction may include:
  • Reduced overall fullness in the face
  • Creation of more defined jaw line
  • Improvement in the angle between the neck and the chin
  • Can remove or reduce the jowls
  • Can remove or reduce double chin
  • Can reduce the turkey neck appearance
This versatile procedure can be performed along with procedures like chin implants, genioplasty and rhytidectomy.
There will be only a small cosmetically hidden scars after the procedure
The procedure provides excellent results with long lasting improvement and minimal recovery time
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