Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Discover New Look With Love Handle Liposuction

There will be more accumulation of fat in between the rib and hip called flank area. Due to pregnancy, aging, hormonal imbalances, aging the fat accumulate. The area between rib and hip is called “Love Handle” which is very difficult to treat. This makes even medium sized people sloppy and ugly. Love handle or flank liposuction is an exact solution of removing the fat from this area. The skin in the love handle area has good elasticity and can be molded easily to tight the contour.

It can be done as a minimally invasive tumescent liposuction technique or using cannula under local anesthesia. The fat cells are annihilated and removed from the area with the help of high vacuum suction. Generally, the fat accumulation does not relapse if and only if the healthy weight is maintained. 


  • Pleasing fat-free contour on the flank side
  • Provides slim and sleek appearance
  • Minimal invasive with safe procedure
  • Quick recovery 
  • Patient can return to normal life within a week’s time
  • Patients who have good skin elasticity
  • Patient who did not undergo any previous surgery in the flank area
  • Both men and women who failed to get beautiful contours on the love handle segment ever after vigorous exercise and strict diet

Till 2-3 weeks the patient might experience swelling, bruising and sensational loss in the treated site. Gentle movement is required for smooth blood circulation instead of doing strenuous work. Men and women both experience different results. Men get V shaped body whereas Women attain S-shaped contour.

Dr. Prashant Murugkar is a renowned and highly trained Laser Cosmetic Surgeon who affords many cosmetic treatments in international standards. Clinique Beaute Naturelle is popular for Love Handle Liposuction in Mumbai.


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