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Get The Perfect Body Shape....You Always Dream For...

Liposuction also known as liposculpture is a cosmetic surgery which includes the process of reshaping specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits to improve body contours and proportion.

The Procedure

During Liposuction, small and thin tube called cannula is inserted into fatty areas between the skin and muscle. Then removes excess fat either by using a large syringe or a suction pump. The length of the Liposuction procedure will vary with the amount of fat needed to be removed.

Types of Liposuction

Nowadays, the improved techniques have made liposuction less painful, easier and safer. The following are the new techniques of liposuction:
  •     Tumescent Liposuction: In this procedure the surgeon injects a solution into the fatty areas of the body before removing the fat. The solution is made up of a mild painkiller, saline solution and epinephrine (drug that contracts the blood vessels). This solutions helps to remove the fat more easily and helps to reduce blood loss and also provides pain relief during and after the surgery.
  •   Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction: In this technique the surgeon uses ultrasound to liquefy the fat, which makes it easier to remove. This technique is particularly used in removing fat from the neck, upper abdomen, sides and back.
  •     Laser-assisted Liposuction: In this technique the surgeon uses low-energy waves to liquefy the fat and is removed through a small cannula.
Liposuction can be used to treat the following medical conditions:
  •   Lipomas
  •   Gynecomastia or Pseudogynecomastia (Abnormal enlargement of the male breasts )
  •    Lipodystrophy (Problems with metabolism of fat in the body)
  •    Axillary Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating in the armpit area)

Liposuction is an outpatient procedure, it does not require an overnight stay unless a large volume of fat is being removed.

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