Wednesday, 27 December 2017

All You Should Know About Face and Neck Liposuction

A liposuction is a form of cosmetic or plastic surgery to break, suck, and remove extra fat from any part of the body. The common areas of performing liposuction are the abdomen, neck, face, chin, thighs, buttocks, arms back, and calves.

What is the procedure for the face and neck liposuction?

Power Assisted liposuction is the safest and successful method to remove fat from the face and neck area. Dr. Prasanth Murugakkar in KLS Memorial Hospital, Mumbai uses Power Assisted Liposuction to suck and melt the extra fat from the face and neck area. He is one of the best doctors in the field of liposuction. Further, this melted fat is extracted from the body by using cannula. Cannula is a hollow instrument that is inserted under the skin to fetch extra fat. This process has low risk, scars, and a speedy recovery.

What are the objectives of the face and neck liposuction?

The objectives of face and neck liposuction are
  • To improve looking of double chin or roundness under the chin
  • To provide excellent toned skin
  • To refine the jawline to improve the chin
  • To balance the facial features
  • To provide permanent results to maintain a stable weight
  • To enhance the facial appearance with the help of rhinoplasty or chin augmentation

How is the recovery period for the face and neck liposuction?

The recovery period for face and neck liposuction is safe, easy and rapid. Generally, patients can return to their normal life and work within a one day. Some patients can suffer from little swelling or discomfort for 4-5 days, which can be reduced gradually. The recovery period needs little precaution to avoid direct exposure to the sun or outer environment by covering it with a special compression garment.

What are the risk factors for liposuction?

Face and neck liposuction do have certain risk factors, such as
  • For a safe and secure treatment, it should be performed by a trained and experienced doctor
  • Treatment more than one area or a large area increases the risk of infection
  • Numbness, swelling, soreness, bruising around the treated area
  • Rippling of baggy skin
  • Scarring or irritation in the treated area
  • Possibility of damage to the nerves or the skin

Dr. Prasanth Murugakkar in KLS Memorial Hospital is a renowned surgeon in Mumbai. Dr. Murugakkar skills, knowledge, and experience provide its patients excellent results and patients can trust them. KLS Memorial Hospital has provided latest’s technologies to treat liposuction.

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